CM Hooe
CM Hooe
Christopher Hooe

I am a client software engineer for Carbonated, Inc. in El Segundo, CA. I reside in Manhattan Beach, CA by way of Fredericksburg, VA. I am also a partner at ROOT 76, a Richmond-based video game studio which opened its doors in October 2014 and is progressing towards completing its first title.

While attending The University of Virginia, I joined SRRN Games, an independent game development studio in Richmond, VA. With SRRN, I provided key contributions to various integral company projects, such as the critically-acclaimed iOS RPG Ash, its Konami-published follow-up Ash II: Shadows, the Kickstarter project Always Outnumbered, its free companion minigame Always Outnumbered: Survival, and several undisclosed internal projects.

I also worked at Timmons Group from November 2014 to June 2016 in their Enterprise Solutions division developing GIS applications, ranging from private large enterprise applications to one-off mobile apps such as Find MO Fish, MO Hunting, and Fall Colors for the Missouri Department of Conservation. I received the 2015 Governor’s Award for Quality and Productivity in Missouri for my contributions on MO Hunting.






I joined Carbonated, Inc, an independent mobile video game studio in El Segundo, CA, in June 2016 as a client software engineer. I work with Unity3D, C#, Objective-C, Swift, and Java to deliver features for Racing Rivals, a top-rated mobile drag racing game. I have also contributed to server-side components using Java and Google App Engine.


I co-founded ROOT 76 in November 2014 with four business partners. ROOT 76 is an independent video game studio based in Richmond, VA focusing on console and mobile video games. The studio's first full game, Clash Cup Turbo, is in active development.


I joined Timmons Group in November 2014 following the firm's purchase of Evenspring. As a member of their Enterprise Solutions division, I work with a variety clients developing and maintaining mobile applications with a geospatial technology focus.


I accepted a position as a software developer at SRRN Games, an independent mobile video games and application studio based in Richmond, VA, in June 2010. During my tenure I have provided significant contributions to a variety of projects. My primary responsibilities included: game and application feature implementation using Unity, C#, and Objective-C; game feature design; game balancing; tools implementation; and quality assurance.


I joined Evenspring in May 2013. Evenspring was a digital strategy concierge wholly owned by SRRN Games which provided mobile and web application development, strategies, and solutions for clients. Evenspring was purchased by Timmons Group in November 2014.


While attending The University of Virginia, I was webmaster and member of the UVA Student Game Developers. During my tenure with the organization I contributed code and assets to several projects.



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